Ass. Prof. Dr. Dominik Bork

Theses #

Title Type
Gabriel Morais, topic not yet finalized, starting 09/2021, joint PhD with Mehdi Adda at Université du Québec PhD co-supervision
Syed Juned Ali, topic not yet finalized, started 03/2021 PhD supervision
Mehran Majidian, topic not yet finalized, started 11/2020, joint PhD with Frederick Benaben at IMT Mines d'Albi PhD co-supervision
Dr. Rafika Thabet, Ingénierie dirigée par les modèles d'un pilotage robuste de la prise en charge médicamenteuse, defended 2020, INP Toulouse & University of Sousse PhD acknowledgement
Dr. Michael Walch, A conceptual modelling approach for design and use in cyber-physical environments: the s*IoT modelling method, defended 2019, University of Vienna PhD acknowledgement
Dr. Afef Awadid, Foundations for Situational Business Process Multi-View Modeling Methods Engineering, defended 2019, University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne PhD acknowledgement

Co-supervised theses