Ass. Prof. Dr. Dominik Bork

PhD Theses #

Name Title University
Gabriel Morais topic not yet finalized, starting 09/2021, joint PhD with Mehdi Adda Université du Québec
Syed Juned Ali topic not yet finalized, started 03/2021 TU Wien
Mehran Majidian topic not yet finalized, started 11/2020, joint PhD with Frederick Benaben IMT Mines d'Albi
Dr. Rafika Thabet Ingénierie dirigée par les modèles d'un pilotage robuste de la prise en charge médicamenteuse, defended 2020, PhD acknowledgement (Thesis) INP Toulouse & University of Sousse
Dr. Michael Walch A conceptual modelling approach for design and use in cyber-physical environments: the s*IoT modelling method, defended 2019, PhD acknowledgement University of Vienna
Dr. Afef Awadid Foundations for Situational Business Process Multi-View Modeling Methods Engineering, defended 2019, PhD acknowledgement University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne

Master/Diploma Theses #

Name Title Study Program
Jan Laranjo Knowledge Graph based Generic Modularization of Conceptual Models Software Engineering & Internet Computing
Andreas Fend Monitoring Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems using Model-Driven Engineering [MoDELS'21] Software Engineering & Internet Computing
Georgi Dinev Combining Decision Modelling and Machine Learning: An Investigation in the Insurance Sector Data Science
Muhammed Smajevic Graph-based Analysis of Enterprise ArchitectureModels [ER'21][MoDELS'21][PoEM'21] Business Informatics
Giuliano De Carlo Integrating Extended Zooming and Level-of-Detail Functionalities into Web-based ModelingTools Software Engineering & Internet Computing
Manpreet Singh Using Enterprise Architectures and Knowledge Graphs for GDPR Compliance Business Informatics
Yuliia Kolbasiuk Web-based evaluation of modeling language notations Business Informatics
Florian Cesal Interoperability between the metamodeling platforms Software Engineering & Internet Computing
Konstantinos Anagnostou Interoperability between the metamodeling platforms Software Engineering & Internet Computing
Armond Alexanian Using Enterprise Architectures and Knowledge Graphs for EA Smell Detection Software Engineering &Internet Computing
Robin Bratfors Historization of Enterprise Architecture Modelsand Analysis Results for Optimization KTH Sweden
Galina Mikhnyova A survey on decision modeling and notation tools and their usage University of Vienna
Christine Schrueffer Conceptualization of a Modelling Method for Business Continuity Management [ER'19] University of Vienna
Christoph Laister Conceptualization and Implementation of a semantic search for OMiLAB University of Vienna
Daniel Linhart Implementation of a Web Business Process Stepper for the Open Models Laboratory (OMiLAB) University of Vienna
Uli Flatter IT-Unterstuetzung der Materialwirtschaft von Mass-Customization-Nahrungsmittelherstellern University of Bamberg

Bachelor Theses #

Name Title Study Program
Philip-Lorenz Glaser A Sprotty-based Web Modeling Editor for Entity Relationships [EDOC'21] Software & Information Engineering
Luca Forstner Integration of GLSP-based Modeling Tools in VS Code Software & Information Engineering
Vladyslav Hnatiuk Using libavoid for improving the visualization of graphs in web modeling tools Software & Information Engineering
Martin Robl Enterprise Architecture Education at Higher Ed-ucation Institutionsstarted04/2021 Software & Information Engineering
Andre Ogris Utilizing h5P for interactive education of object-oriented modeling/td> Software & Information Engineering
Eren Erdogan Ein Framework zur Bewergung der Qualität von ADOxx-Metamodellen University of Vienna
Yunus Emre Kanitoglu Digitale Transformation und Industrie 4.0 in der Wellpappenindustrie University of Vienna
Katrin Weiss Integration of Information Security Management and Enterprise Architecture Management University of Vienna
Jin Chen Eine Methodik zur schrittweise Modernisierung von Legacysoftware durch Microservices University of Vienna
Cordula Eggerth Development and Implementation of a Wiki-Concept for Managing Knowledge of the OMiLAB University of Vienna
Stela Kucek Modeling Digital Enterprise Ecosystems with ArchiMate: A Smart Mobility Case Study University of Vienna
Anna Sumereder Modeling with ArchiMate - Emphasis on Enterprise Architecture Changes and Internet of Things Ecosystems [EOMAS'21] University of Vienna
Nezahat Akbulut Domaenenspezifische Modellierung eines Logistik und Transport Unternehmens mit dem BEE-UP Tool University of Vienna
Nuray Yazan Domaenenspezifische Modellierung des fiktiven Unternehmens BackSlash GmbH mit dem Modellierungstool BEE-UP University of Vienna
Matthias Ehrendorfer Konzeption und prototypische Implementierung eines Statistik Microservice für das Open Models Laboratory University of Vienna
Sen Xia Konzeption und prototypische Implementierung einer Ampelsteuerung mit mBots über eine indirekte Kommunikation University of Vienna
Huso Imamovic Prozessbetrachtung im digitalen Zahlungsverkehr University of Vienna
Christian Kersjes Testen verteilter Microservices im Rahmen der neu gestalteten Open Models Laboratory Anwendungssystemarchitektur University of Vienna
David Goetzinger Development of a Microservice based Franchise Infrastructure and Application to the Example of the Open Models Laboratory University of Vienna
Mateusz Czernecki An Approach for Mobile Maintenance in a Virtual Factory Environment (Thesis) University of Vienna
Martin Plattner Evaluation of Responsive Images Solutions for the Web University of Vienna
Wiktor Markow Konzeption eines Kennzahlen-Cockpits und Entwicklung einer Anwendungssoftware zur automatisierten Kennzahlenauswertung in einem Industriebetrieb University of Vienna