Dr. Dominik Bork

Quo Vadis Modeling? Expert Voice published in the SoSyM journal

I am thrilled to announce our newest publication, an Expert Voice published in the Software and Systems Modeling Journal (SoSyM)
The paper is entitled Quo Vadis Modeling?, it reports findings of a community survey, and ad-hoc bibliometric analysis, and interviews with experts on data, process, and software modeling.
The paper is a result of a collaboration with Judith Michael, Manuel Wimmer, and Heinrich C. Mayr!

We have analyzed the past, present, and future of modeling research in regard to three modeling communities and their related conferences ER, BPM, and MODELS. We show, how near or far the data, process, and software modeling communities are?

You can find insights from three sources:

Also inside:
💭 Statements on whether modeling research should cooperate more with the industry
💭 What do modeling researchers expect from collaborating with industry?
💭 What do practitioners expect from modeling research?
💭 For which modeling topics do researchers and practitioners see an explicit need for action?
💭 What does modeling have to achieve to be even more relevant in 10 years?

The Open Access article is available here:
➜ Download the paper