Ass. Prof. Dr. Dominik Bork

New paper in Requirements Engineering Journal.

Recently, a new paper resulting form a collaboration between Rafika Thabet and team from the University of Sousse (Tunisia), the University of Toulouse (France) and the IMT Mines Albi (France) has been published in the renown Requirements Engineering journal! The paper extends our previous work on integrating business processes management and risk management - the BPRIM approach.

The Requirements Engineering paper reports on our achievements to conecptualize a multi-view modeling tool vor extended BPRIM (e-BPRIM). Moreover, the paper is the very first that empirically investigates and compares multi-view modeling and diagram-oriented modeling along three criteria:
i) efficiency of modeling,
ii) the quality of the created models, and
ii) the perceived usability.

Metamodels of e-BPRIM

A summary of the evluation results can be found in the table below.

Evaluation reesults

Published paper #

The published paper can be found here:

Thabet, R., Bork, D., Boufaied, A. et al. Risk-aware business process management using multi-view modeling: method and tool. Requirements Eng (2021).

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