Ass. Prof. Dr. Dominik Bork

First TU Wien paper published.

I am very thrilled to announce, that my first paper since moving to TU Wien has been accepted for the ER2020 Forum which will be held in conjunction with the ER2020 conference. Together with Antonio Garmendia and Manuel Wimmer from JKU Linz, we developed a generic multi-objective search approach that is able to automatically and efficiently modularize large Entity Relationship models.

The figure below describes the approach on an abstract basis.

ModulER Approach

We also implemented a ModulER tool that enables not only modeling of Entity Relatioship diagrams, it also provides manual and automated support for modularization. By a simple right-click in the drawing area, one can select "Split" which executes our genetic algorithm. The algorithm then uses multi-objective search in order to produce a Pareto Set of good solutions with respect to the different objectives (i.e., cohesion, coupling, module balance, module size, and number of modules).

The tool can be downloaded through this link:

The ModulER tool

Preprint #

A preprint of the paper with a detailed presentation of the approach can be found here:

Any feedback is appreciated!